Cogitème’s logic games

february 2012 'Logic Quizzes' released on iPhone and iPad.
january 2012 Article in 7àPoitiers (number 108).
november 2011 'Logic's Cup' released on iPad.
july 2011 'Summer Riddles' released on iPhone.
june 2011 'Easy Riddles' and 'Advanced Riddles' released on iPhone.
End of 'LogicFree' commercializing.
april 2011 First real version of the website.
february 2011 'Logic's Cup' released on iPhone.
End of 'LogicFree 2' commercializing.
january 2011 Articles in both 7àPoitiers (number 61) and Courrier Français (86 number 3465). Interview on Pulsar (13th January) and Accord (5th January) radios.
december 2010 Award winner of the Universités Créatives contest in two categories: 'International Influence' (University of Poitiers Foundation) and 'Trade and Crafts' (Banque Populaire).
september 2010 Very first version of the website.
may 2010 'LogicFree 2' released on iPhone.
april 2010 'Championship' type riddles added to 'Logic Free' and 'Logic Full'.
march 2010 'Logic Free' and 'Logic Full' released on iPhone.
january 2010 Creation of the Cogitème company.
and before this? Would it really be rightful to present the Cogitème Company without talking about its founder? First off, I’m a logic, algorithmic and artificial intelligence enthusiast; I could also talk about Markov decision processes, Genetic algorithms or even Gradient Descent Method, but I would lose mostly all of you straight off. I have a PhD in computing and my thesis was published by Editions Universitaires Européennes. With Cogitème, I offer you logic exercises in the form of games: learn whilst having fun, or at least get some entertainment! I also aim to render accessible to all ‘modern’ logic and its applications, and maybe even reconcile some of you people with it: who never had an argument with their Maths teacher? To do so, I’ll research new types of riddles and puzzles and present different techniques for solving them, if you play along, it’s possible!