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Solved examples

Straight in a row

For this type of puzzle, you must use the information given to reconstruct the whole solution.

Six children are standing in a line.
(1) Jacob is next to Abby.
(2) Molly is before Sarah.
(3) Caleb is before Maggie.
(4) Jacob comes second.
(5) Molly is after fourth place.
(6) Abby is after second place.

Step 1:

You know that Jacob comes second (4), so you can begin by putting Jacob in the number 2 spot.
? Jacob ? ? ? ?

Step 2:

Since Jacob is next to Abby (1) and Jacob is second (4), Abby must be first or third. However, you also know that Abby is after second place (6), so Abby must be third.
? Jacob Abby ? ? ?

Step 3:

Molly is after fourth place (5) so she must be either fifth or sixth, but Molly cannot be last because she comes before Sarah (6). So Molly must be fifth which means that Sarah is sixth.
? Jacob Abby ? Molly Sarah

Step 4:

There are two spots left – first place and fourth place. Since Caleb comes before Maggie (3), Caleb must be first and Maggie must be fourth.
Caleb Jacob Abby Maggie Molly Sarah